Andrian audio

Andrian Audio - high-end sound at affordable prices

Andrian Audio is a smaller manufacturer, but one that enjoys an extremely good reputation among connoisseurs of the German carhifi scene, as it is frequently represented at sound carhifi competitions. Founder of Andrian Audio, Anselm Nicholas Andrian, has made it his mission since his youth not only to develop speaker systems, but to perfect them further and further. The precise as well as voluminous sound reproduction of Andrian Audio products therefore inspire end consumers and experts alike.

Characteristic aluminum cones

Characteristic for Andrian Audio products are the brilliant sounding aluminum diaphragms, which provide real high-end sound at an affordable price. The portfolio of the German-based company includes tweeters, midrange drivers, woofers as well as speaker sets with 13 cm and 16.5 cm woofers. One of the top sellers from Andrian Audio are the speakers A25. Here, the sophisticated technology is in the details, so that after the proper installation of this tweeter chassis real sound and level orgies are possible - top quality "made in Germany".

Inconspicuous appearance - much behind it!

It looks similar with the Andrian Audio A130 looks like this: Here, too, the inconspicuous appearance of the speaker does not initially suggest what it is all about. Not for nothing are the A130 in scene circles called the world's best 13 cm chassis. Another highly sought-after product from Andrian Audio is the 165 mm DIN bass-midrange driver A165Gwhich comes with a particularly stable all-aluminum cone and a balanced sound spectrum.

System development without measuring instruments

A special feature in the development of Andrian Audio products is the fact that Anselm Adrian manages almost without any measuring equipment. Thus, a high degree of technical understanding as well as an above-average ear result in a completely convincing sound experience - as for example with the A25G.4the ultimate tweeter in its fourth generation.