SIP - Sound Install Products

SIP (Sound Install Products) - Car Audio Accessories made in Germany

The German brand SIP or Sound Install Products offers accessories for the perfect installation of various car audio components. The assortment of Sound Install Products ranges from installation accessories, tweeter housings and mounting rings to vehicle insulation, aluminum capsules, balls and rings made of aluminum to steel for speakers as well as hexagonal speaker grilles.

Solid Aluminum Mounting Rings

With the Sound Install Products Aluring 170-25 Universal for 6.5" (16.5 cm) is a mounting ring made of solid aluminum. With an outer diameter of 170 mm as well as an inner diameter of 148 mm, this mounting ring is ideal for the massive mounting of 6.5" woofers in the door or in the door panel. The same applies to the Aluminum ring 180/165/65 Universal for 6.5" (16.5 cm) from Sound Install Products with an outer diameter of 180 mm (rear) and an inner diameter of 148 (front) or 164 mm (rear). Since the mounting ring made of solid aluminum opens conically towards the rear, no unwanted compression is generated by the speaker (avoiding the so-called "tunnel effect"). For the installation of an 8" bass-midrange driver the Sound Install Products Aluring 213/185/18 Universal for 8" (20 cm)suitable for ArcAudio ARC8, for example.

Silence For Your Music - with the Ultra2.1

The Sound Install Products Ultra2.1 is an easily moldable composite material consisting of a rigid aluminum foil and a self-adhesive butyl rubber-based damping layer. As the successor to the Ultra1.7, the Ultra2.1 can provide exceptional anti-drumming and damping properties due to the special blend of butyl. These properties are maintained over a wide temperature range. Due to the strong aluminum foil, the Ultra2.1 also has a stiffening as well as stabilizing effect. The main areas of application for Sound Install Products' Ultra2.1 are wherever vibrations and noise need to be damped, for example in sheet metal parts such as door panels, vehicle roofs and floors, but also air ducts.