ESB Audio

ESB Audio

The listening environment and soundstage have been the subject of extensive research using the most modern and advanced tools at ESB, just as the quality of the drivers has been a key factor in ESB's research and development. ESB has one of the largest anechoic chambers in the world (it can drop down to 20 Hertz and make measurements up to 3 meters high), reverberation chambers and other environments to simulate different domestic conditions, etc. These are the technical tools that have allowed engineers to measure and analyze ESB speakers for 50 years. But the instruments and computers were never the final solution. The subjective listening of Italians, who have always had a passion for music (whether classical or popular), has developed over many generations a sensitive and refined ear that we can consider the true core of the ESB sound.

Italian tradition

Some of the most important milestones in the history of high fidelity audio were set by the ESB company. On this page you will find some of them: Ideas, insights, fundamental applications of electroacoustic principles, and most importantly, a passion for High Fidelity Audio. These are the foundations of our history.

Revolutionary insight

For ESB, building great sounding loudspeakers is not enough. ESB goes beyond that and also optimizes other factors such as the listening environment and the sound image. The UMA, the DSR, the DSR/DSP. These are some of the technological goals that have now been adopted by many other manufacturers.

ESB Car Audio

ESB has transferred all the experience and innovation from 50 years of audio market leadership into ESB Car Audio products. The Car Audio speakers have the same performance as home speakers, but are designed to fit musically in a vehicle.
Just like live.

The Carhifi portfolio of ESB Audio includes the following series

  • 10000 Series - Super High-End Series (DIECIMILA)
  • 9000 Series - High-End Series
  • 8000 Series - Perfection at the highest level
  • 5000 Series - Elegance and technology
  • 3000 Series - Research at the highest level
  • 2000 Series - A reference for your category
  • 1000 Series - The entry-level series
  • AUDI Special Speakers
  • BMW Special Loudspeaker

8000 - Brought to perfection

The 8000 series can be seen as the direct successor of the 7000 series. The goal was to renew an intrinsically exceptional speaker series, using the latest technologies and the best materials available today; always keeping in mind the versatility of the installation. The key to developing this type of system in the car was to take full advantage of its exceptional musicality. In the 8000 series, attention has been paid to every detail, from the choice of materials to the shapes, from the construction and finish of the baskets to the ventilation systems of the magnets and coils. It has improved what was considered difficult to improve, and we firmly believe that it has laid the foundation for another decade of success.

DIECIMILA - Super High-End Loudspeaker Series

The DIECIMILA series has been developed without regard to economic, design and technological constraints in order to achieve absolutely pure music reproduction.
In our research and development lab, we have focused on having full control over all speaker characteristics and parameters so that we can build these products without the typical compromises that many high-end speaker manufacturers have to make.