ARC Audio

ARC Audio - insider tip from the USA

The manufacturer ARC Audio, based in Modesto, USA, has become a real insider tip among connoisseurs over the last 20 years. ARC Audio concentrates on the essentials - the high-quality CarHifi subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers come in a minimalist design. So the tone is not the optics, but what's inside. This is also the case, for example, with the ARC 8 V.3 D2/D4which provide a perfect balance between audiophile dynamics and powerful bass. These subwoofers have been optimized primarily for small to medium-sized enclosures, so that abysmal bass can be generated without taking up a large part of the vehicle interior or the usable storage space.

Transparent sound, heart-pounding bass

The subwoofers of the Black Series, the BLACK 10 V.2 D2/D4 for example, combine dynamic grace and total chaos. No wonder, they were designed and engineered by ARC Audio in collaboration with one of the world's leading loudspeaker design engineers. ARC Audio put a focus on transparency and performance for perfect reproduction of music, enriched with heart-pounding and dynamic bass, when designing the Black Series subwoofers. But ARC Audio can not only shine in the subwoofer field: The RS series introduced in 2019 are high-quality speakers that set new standards in terms of price-performance of high-end drivers. Not for nothing are the RS 6.0 absolute top sellers, which combine sound, level and efficiency in a perfect way.

From high-end sound products to affordable subwoofers.

ARC Audio offers its customers a wide range of products, including both high-end devices and affordable subwoofers. Behind ARC Audio is the former head of development at ZAPCO, Robert Zeff, as well as the former acoustic engineer at Image Dynamics, Eric Stevens, who is responsible for the development of the speakers and subwoofers.

Our Highlightsin the Arc Audio portfolio are the following products: