DLS - From Scandinavia to Nordica

The Swedish audio company DLS was already a well-known supplier for the growing 12-volt market in the early 80s. The manufacturer was able to sell more than 100,000 police radio receivers, which were state-of-the-art for the time and capable of scanning any frequency. In cooperation with other internationally successful loudspeaker manufacturers, numerous innovative car audio products were launched in the following years, which still set standards today. DLS achieved particular fame with the groundbreaking DLS Scandinavia speaker series, which enjoys an extremely good reputation among car audio enthusiasts.

The legendary Scandinavia series at Masori

The bass-midrange driver DLS Scandinavia 165Wi 6.5" for example, ensures loud and distortion-free reproduction at reference level. Thanks to a symmetrical magnetic structure, a uniform magnetic flux density is ensured when the voice coil oscillates in and out, so that harmonic distortion is reduced to an absolute minimum. For precise reproduction of fast and powerful musical passages, a rigid aluminum cone suspended in a long-stroke SBR surround and a flat and linear Conex spider are used. Similarly, the specially developed for competition situations DLS Scandinavia 165 6.5" looks like: Here, too, extremely low distortion as well as an astonishingly high imaging capability are offered. However, this woofer has been specially optimized for installation in door panels, but can also be used in closed boxes if desired.

Precise music reproduction with the Nordica series

Another top seller of the Swedish brand is the subwoofer DLS Nordica 12i 12", which is a further development of the Nordica 12 from the Ultimate series. DLS put special focus on low frequency capability, linearity, timing, speed, phase accuracy and low distortion in the development of this subwoofer.

The new models of the CCi Series

After the DLS CCi Series amplifiers took the car hi-fi world by storm, DLS has now launched additional models in this series - for example, the 4-channel amplifier DLS CCi44. This is an amplifier for the highest demands, in which the valued DLS sound is guaranteed by a high bias drive circuit and linear preamp controls.

DLS - Car Audio for life

DLS is a privately owned Swedish audio company with the highest standards. DLS became famous with the introduction of the DLS Scandinavia loudspeaker series, which has been continuously refined and still sets sonic standards in the car hi-fi sector.

DLS was founded in 1979 with the invention of a state-of-the-art police radio receiver that could sample all frequencies. From the very beginning, DLS opted for exceptional build quality and the highest performance, which has been a DLS trademark ever since.

The love of music has driven DLS to develop innovative car audio products for more than 40 years. DLS understood early on the importance of supporting and monitoring sound competitions to refine their products and get the warm and natural sound that is the preferred choice of many PRO installers today!