Stinger Electronics

Stinger Electronics - accessory products for real sound fetishists

The American brand Stinger Electronics has been one of the most renowned suppliers of numerous accessory components for the car audio sector for more than three decades. Thus, the portfolio of Stinger Electronics includes products such as high-end RCA cables, power cables, speaker cables, damping material, high-performance batteries and capacitors, which are offered at an excellent price/performance ratio. Due to the always high quality standards, the company enjoys an excellent reputation among professionals.

Capacitors for consistent system voltages

To meet the requirements of power-hungry amplifiers, Stinger Electronics' SELECT capacitors are recommended, for example the SSCAP2M capacitor with a capacitance of two Farad or the SPC5010 with a capacitance of ten Farad. When system voltages drop and output power and sound quality suffer, the SELECT capacitors are the ideal tool to stabilize the voltage so that peak performance can still be achieved. An integrated digital display provides information about performance and system status.

Disconnect relay to extend battery life

Stinger Electronics also offers accessory components such as isolation relays. An isolating relay such as the SGP32 is necessary when a battery of a different type is installed in the trunk. With the help of the SGP32, the discharge of the primary battery is prevented, thus extending its service life.

Convenient adjustment of the subwoofer volume via remote control

An absolute top seller from Stinger Electronics is the SELECT SSLC Universal Bass Remote Controlwhich enables the control of the volume level of subwoofers. The voltage level is adjusted by means of a regulator, which in turn controls the volume of the bass. Thanks to the small dimensions of the housing, installation is easy and accessibility is simple - ideal for limited space. The installation can be done with just two screws or a double-sided adhesive tape.