Avatar Audio - subwoofers and amplifiers with excellent price-performance ratio

The Russian manufacturer Avatar Audio is known for high-quality subwoofers and amplifiers at affordable prices. The products are typically Russian developed, so that even tough applications with partly high levels can be withstood without any problems. Exemplary for the products of Avatar Audio is the Avatar SST 312, a true all-round subwoofer with a remarkable lifting capacity of 15 mm per direction and a power of 1000 watts RMS, which can be operated not only in bass reflex, but also in a closed cabinet. The open basket design ensures optimal cooling even under maximum load.

All-rounder in a bass reflex cabinet

The situation is similar with the Dual 12" cabinet subwoofer. Avatar Storm Box EASD-12v2. In addition to a comparable performance and stroke capability with the Avatar SST 312, this Avatar Audio product convinces with a bass reflex enclosure including a slot port located in the middle. The Avatar Storm Box EASD-12v2 consists of two Avatar 2512 12" subwoofers.

This subwoofer is guaranteed to provide a "breath of fresh air

For all those, for whom this is still not enough, Avatar Audio has developed a very special product - namely the subwoofer Avatar SVL 1547 15". Due to a huge voice coil of 4", made of CCAW wire, this subwoofer can convert a power of incredible 7600 watts. With a stroke of a full 33 mm per direction, the Avatar SVL 1547 15" literally provides "fresh wind"!

Power, pressure and high levels

The products of Avatar Audio are particularly suitable for powerful applications at high volume levels. Ideal, therefore, for all those who want to cause as much sensation as possible at the next meeting.