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Amplifier accessories

Amplifier Accessories - Remote Controls and Terminal Adapters

Under the category "Amplifier Accessories" you can find products like bass remote controls for subwoofer amplifiers as well as different terminal adapters.

Bass remote controls allow an easy and uncomplicated adjustment of the subwoofer level - even while driving. A so-called remote control has an approx. five to six meter long cable connection to the amplifier. With the aid of a rotary potentiometer, it is thus possible to adjust the volume level according to one's own wishes from the comfort of the driver's seat.

Some bass remote controls also have their own displays for monitoring the board voltage and any clipping that may occur.

Terminal adapters allow you to connect multiple power cables to one amplifier power connector. This can be extremely convenient if the cable path of a power-hungry amplifier to the nearest battery is more than two meters, since in such a case the line resistance of the power cables used ensures a lower voltage than is delivered by the battery. To ensure an optimal power supply even over longer distances, terminal adapters provide a simple and straightforward solution without having to increase the cross-section of the system cables.