BLAM Audio - The "French Sound

The French manufacturer BLAM Audio gained widespread fame mainly due to a perfect voice reproduction. The portfolio includes affordable entry-level products of the RX and RC series as well as high-end products of the WS and Multix series. The head of the brand is Guy Bonneville, renowned loudspeaker developer, who was responsible for car hi-fi development at Focal, France's best-known manufacturer, for many years. Thus, he led the development of all recent Kevlar drivers as well as the groundbreaking Utopia series. After starting his own business in 2016 with the newly founded brand BLAM Audio, he mixed up the car hi-fi market with speakers, subwoofers and electronics.

Coaxial speakers with a unique price/performance ratio

In connection with BLAM Audio are especially the coaxial speakers like the Blam 165 RC System from the RELAX series are interesting, which are qualitatively unique in this price range. Thus, these speakers contain two 165 mm woofers and two coaxially mounted 20 mm soft dome tweeters including two built-in crossovers. The same applies to the Blam 165 EC, a highly efficient coaxial system with an impedance of two ohms.

Frequencies between 100 and 25 KHz

Another top seller of the BLAM Audio brand is the Blam LM80 represents a high-quality full-range driver to cover an incredible frequency range from 100 to 25 KHz. Thanks to an impedance of three ohms, even more power can be demanded from the connected amplifier.

The mid frequencies in focus

Since in France, singing and the emotionality associated with it enjoy a very special status, BLAM Audio pays special attention in the development of its products to the reproduction of a natural sound with an emphasis on the middle frequencies, since the human voice mostly moves in this frequency range. The "French Sound", for which the BLAM Audio brand stands, reproduces a fine, broad and warm sound spectrum.