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Replay audio

Master RM10/RM30 Gehäuse

Replay Audio


Master RM40-4

Replay Audio

€279,00 €199,00

Master RM10-4v Mk4 Clean

Replay Audio


Energy RE40-4

Replay Audio


Master RM10-4v Mk4 Kompakt

Replay Audio


Master RM30-4PP

Replay Audio

€299,00 €219,00

Master RM30-4DC

Replay Audio

€249,00 €169,00

The product range ofReplay-Audio, a German brand of the company "Friedrich Rüth Audio-Technik".currently extends over the two product series Energy and Master.

Energy - The series for the demanding listener

The ENERGY series from Replay Audio is convincing in sound and technically on a very high level.
Selected materials are used such as fiberglass membrane for the woofer and fabric domes for the tweeter.
Ideal for use with high-quality radio power amplifier combinations.

Replay Audio Energy Series speakers include the following products:

  • Replay Audio Energy RE10-4 Mk 2Tweeter
  • Replay Audio Energy RE40-4Midrange driver
  • Replay Audio Energy RE65-4PP Mk3Low-midrange driver
  • Replay Audio Energy RES12-D2 Mk3Subwoofers

Master- The series for the carhifi enthusiast

Both technically and visually redesigned from scratch, the speakers of the MASTER series convince in all respects.
Manufactured with high-quality materials and attention to detail, the new transducers are a new class not only in terms of measurement.
Lowest distortion, highest manufacturing quality and enormous level stability distinguishes the latest developments.

The speakers of the Replay Audio Master Series include the following products:

  • Replay Audio Master RM10-4v Mk4 Tweeter
  • Replay Audio Master RM10-4v Mk5 Tweeter
  • Replay Audio Master RM30-4DC midrange driver
  • Replay Audio Master RM30-4PPMidrange driver
  • Replay Audio Master RM65-4AL Mk4 Low-Midrange Driver
  • Replay Audio Master RMS12-D2W Mk2 Subwoofer
  • Replay Audio Master RMS12-D2G Mk2 Subwoofer