Awave - High End DSP Products, Loudspeakers and Amplifiers

The German manufacturer Awave offers high-quality plug-&-play audio speakers as well as high-end DSP products. Especially the latter are the flagship of the brand. The signal processors developed by Awave come up with numerous setting options. The powerful DSP amplifiers also have up to 12 channels, which make it possible to realize even the most elaborate speaker systems in cars without having to install an armada of components in the trunk.

King 160.4 - The King is alive!

An example of this is the high-end Class AB amplifier King 160.4 - the amplifier par excellence for use at sound competitions as well as for SQ enthusiasts. Thus, Awave's flagship product offers exceptional audio quality, with even the smallest musical subtleties receiving ample emphasis. In addition, the King 160.4 can also be quite visually impressive. It is therefore worthwhile to place the amplifier in a place that is as visible as possible.

Signal processors from Awave

Another top seller from the Awave brand is the signal processor Awave DSP-12Dwhich has an integrated 12-channel DSP power amplifier in addition to a 12-channel DSP. In this way, it is possible to control even particularly complex autohifi installations consisting of numerous speakers fully actively. A wide range of control options is also provided by the Awave DSP-6-8. This 8-channel sound processor has six analog inputs as well as eight processed analog outputs. For example, a 3-way front system with a subwoofer can be controlled fully actively. There are also two additional digital inputs so that the signal from the radio can be transferred to the DSP without loss.

Wide range of settings with the DSP-3546A

Among Awave's best-selling products is also the Awave DSP-3546A with an integrated 4-channel DSP power amplifier as well as a 6-channel DSP, so that, for example, a subwoofer power amplifier can also be controlled via the DSP. Due to numerous features such as a single-measurement microphone, a BT receiver or a remote control including display, the DSP-3546A is considered the most versatile DSP amplifier of the Awave portfolio.