Tang band

Tang Band - Largest selection in Germany exclusively at Masori

There is no way around the Taiwanese manufacturer Tang Band when it comes to full range speakers. Originally from the home hi-fi segment, Tang Band offers high-quality chassis, which are ideally suited for installation in the front area of the vehicle. The main focus in production is on maintaining the highest quality standards using hand-selected components. The portfolio of the Tang Band brand now includes subwoofers and woofers as well as midrange drivers and dome and ribbon tweeters.

Powerful bass, compact cabinet - the Tang Band W5-1138SMF

Let's now take a closer look at the Tang Band top sellers: The subwoofer W5-1138SMF from Tang Band offers amazingly powerful bass in a compact enclosure. At the same time, the 5-1/4" subwoofer has a generous XMAX of 9.25 mm per direction. In addition, a wide roll surround, a 4-layer voice coil and a flat and raised spider provide an impressive bass performance.

W6-1139SIF - subwoofer and bass-midrange in one

Another highlight of the Taiwanese speaker forge Tang Band is the 6.5" subwoofer W6-1139SIFwhich has the possibility to be used as a bass-midrange driver as well. Equipped with a paper cone with long-throw surround, the subwoofer has an XMAX of 11.5 mm.

Clear, low-distortion music reproduction with the W3-871SC

The midrange / full range Tang Band W3-871SC features an embossed steel frame, a rubber surround, a silver-coated paper cone, and a solid aluminum phase plug that improves off-axis response. At the same time, the W3-871SC has the same parameters as the W3-871B, but this speaker has magnetic shielding.

Quality does not always have its price - the Tang Band W4-2142

Finally we would like to mention the 4" full range speaker W4-2142 to highlight. This speaker with a bamboo fiber reinforced paper cone, an underhung voice coil as well as a textured Santoprene surround cuts a fine figure in every discipline - and at a more than fair price. The largest selection of Tang Band speakers in Germany
When it comes to full range speakers, there is probably no way around the manufacturer TangBand, which was founded in 1996. The manufacturer, which originated in the home hi-fi sector, offers drivers that are also ideally suited for installation in the front of the vehicle. TangBand sets, among other things by the hand-selected components, the highest standards of quality and series reliability. The range now includes the entire spectrum of drivers: subwoofers, woofers, midrange drivers and dome, as well as ribbon tweeters.

Characteristic for TangBand is an extreme linearity up to the top tweeter range, which can make tweeters superfluous when using full-range drivers.

Highlights & USP's

Now we would like to present you our highlights of the manufacturer. First would be here probably one of the most legendary high-end full-range drivers ever to mention, the: W3-1878 (8cm), W4-1879(10cm), and W5-1880(13cm) respectively. They can be used in the frequency range from 55Hz to 20kHz.

Tip: As a 16.5cm kick bass, the W6-1139SI with neodymium drive is excellent! It has excellent low frequency characteristics with a crisp kick. However, it always remains controlled by the strong centering to the lower midrange. Here it is then optimal to complement with a full range driver in a 2-way setup. The combination with the W3-1878 would be recommended.

The top sellers from Tang Band

  • Let yourself be inspired by the top sellers from Tang Band!
  • Tang Band W3-871SC - 3" 8cm full range driver
  • Tang Band W3-2141 - 3" 8cm full range driver
  • Tang Band W4-2142 - 4" 10cm Wideband
  • Tang Band W4-1320SIF - 4" 10cm full range driver
  • Tang Band W5-1138SMF - 5" 13cm woofer/subwoofer
  • Tang Band W6-1139SIF - 6.5" 16.5cm woofer/subwoofer