Sky High Car Audio

Sky High Car Audio

Sky High Car Audio - Emerging Manufacturer from the USA

Sky High Car Audio is an American company that has only recently turned to speaker production. Nevertheless, the brand already enjoys a great reputation in the United States. And in Europe, too, the customer base is growing steadily - no wonder, after all, the speakers produced by Sky High Car Audio provide the perfect drive for the front system, so that in terms of level, they can easily keep up with powerful subwoofer designs. Sky High Car Audio's portfolio includes loudspeakers such as tweeters, midrange drivers and bass-midrange drivers, as well as OFC copper power cables, cable sets and aluminum milled parts.

Big3 upgrade cable set for your Carhifi system

A popular cable set from the Sky High Car Audio brand is the Big3 upgrade cable set, consisting of three 53.5 mm² OFC cables. This upgrade is mandatory for any carhifi system, because the audio system stresses the rest of the electronics of the vehicle. With the help of the Big3 upgrade cable set, the voltage stability as well as the current supply is increased, resulting in a better charging performance of the alternator as well as an increased charging voltage thanks to the optimized ground connection.

Low distortion speaker set - even at high levels

Another top seller of the manufacturer is the Sky High Car Audio 6.5" 2-way speaker set SH-65C2Pwhich consists of a titanium tweeter and two woofers with enormous punch in the low frequency. The speaker set shines with its extreme level stability, so that the sound characteristics appear relaxed and clear even at the limit.

Sky High Car Audio TW3S - tweeter with titanium cone

Also the titanium tweeter Sky High Car Audio TW3S with neodymium drive impresses with a clear, smooth and crisp sound and provides with its titanium diaphragm, its high efficiency and a wide frequency response for every car audio enthusiast for enthusiasm. The same applies to the 3" midrange driver SH-35N from Sky High Car Audio, which provides a particularly neutral music reproduction due to its glossy epoxy carbon fiber cone.