Dragster Audio Art

Dragster Audio Art - No longer an insider tip!

Founded in 1997, the Turkish audio company Dragster Audio Art has already earned a high reputation in many parts of Europe. While the brand is still quite unknown in Central Europe, it enjoys an excellent reputation in connoisseur circles - not least because of the powerful and at the same time affordable amplifiers of the DAK series, but also the speakers and amplifiers of the Academy series, which were developed specifically for the needs of high-end SQ enthusiasts.

The Academy Series - when only the best is just good enough

Thus, the Dragster Audio Art AW-8 Academy 8" is a subwoofer for the very highest sonic demands, which provides thanks to an oversized ferrite magnet for proper punch. The oversized dustcab made of full carbon not only provides a harmonious rounding of the optics, but also ensures additional stiffening of the membrane.

Bass and full-range amplifier in one

The Dragster Audio Art DAK-200.4D ensures the best efficiency due to the Class D amplifier technology as well as a power of up to 350 watts RMS per channel. Thanks to an included bass remote control, the device can be used as a bass amplifier as well as a full-range amplifier. The same applies to the Dragster Audio Art DAK-300.2 as well as the Dragster Audio Art DAK-2500.1 Mono Power Amplifier. However, while the DAK-300.2 has a maximum power of 800 watts RMS per channel, the DAK-2500.1 brings it up to 2500 watts RMS.

Numerous products for the most diverse requirements

Dragster Audio Art is now represented in 40 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Thanks to the latest technologies, the systems of this manufacturer stand for the best possible quality and optimal results. The entire portfolio of Dragster Audio Art includes about 140 products, which deal with the most diverse requirements of the car hi-fi sector.