JL Audio Stealthbox für BMW

JL Audio Stealth box for BMW

BMW Stealthbox - The invisible premium subwoofer

If you own a BMW and are looking for an unobtrusive subwoofer solution, the Stealthboxes are the perfect choice. They deliver an excellent sound and produce a crisp bass. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: JL Audio SB-B-X5E70/10W3V3, JL Audio SB-B-X5/10W1V3. If you want to jump straight to the most popular brand, we recommend you take a look at JL Audio.

What is a stealth box?

The Stealthbox is a powerful subwoofer optimized for integrative and invisible use in BMW vehicles. The subwoofer is housed in a sealed enclosure and is installed behind the factory trim in the trunk or in the spare tire well. Two major advantages of this subwoofer are that the speaker provides a bass-heavy sound in the car and the installation no loss of space entails. For the operation of the speaker box is a amplifier An active monoblock amplifier is suitable for this purpose.

For which vehicle models is the Stealthbox suitable?

The Stealthboxes from JL Audio were developed specifically for the X5 models from the year 2000 - 2013. The woofer is perfectly matched to the closed housing with two drivers. The optimal dispersion direction was also considered in the design to create a high-quality sound experience.

What does the BMW Stealthbox do?

The term "stealth" refers to the invisible installation of this subwoofer box. These speaker models have an RMS output of 300 watts and 500 watts respectively. A subwoofer in this power range, in combination with the rest of the sound system for a detailed and powerful music reproduction in the car.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, our range at Masori includes BMW Stealthboxes from the following manufacturers: JL Audio


The BMW Stealthbox is a premium bass solution for all consumers where the original look is paramount. The specially designed X5 models designed subwoofer box impresses with powerful bass reproduction and does not create any space restrictions in the trunk. However, an external amplifier unit is required to operate the bass-heavy powerhouse.