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Edge Car Audio

Edge Car Audio - loud, clear and dynamic

The Edge Car Audio brand stands for industry-leading audio speakers, which stand out especially due to their extreme ESQL characteristics. In the search for loud and at the same time dynamic and clear speakers, there is no way around Edge Car Audio.

Street, Extreme, Competition and Unlimited Series at Masori

The engineers at Edge Car Audio have developed a wide range of powerful subwoofers, which are easily capable of diving into the deepest depths. At the same time, the offerings are affordable for every budget: Whether entry-level installation or ultra Class D full-range amplifier: Edge Car Audio offers with its speaker and amplifier series Street, Extreme, Competition and Unlimited for all requirements the right product.

Fat and powerful bass

For example, the EDGE EDP122SPL-E6 of the Competition Series is one of Edge Car Audio's top sellers - after all, this subwoofer is the result of intensive research and years of development by Edge Car Audio engineers. Specially designed to put a good amount of air in motion, this subwoofer provides an exceptionally fat and powerful bass sound.

How much power do you want?

Another popular product of the Edge Car Audio brand is the subwoofer EDS8D2-E9 of the Street series. The built-in paper cone and a ferrite magnet ensure a clear, dynamic and distortion-free reproduction. Unique in its price range, the Edge Car Audio woofer midrange driver EDBRPO6-E9. Due to a 1 "voice coil including a sophisticated cooling system, an output of up to 300 watts is made possible, with which a sensitivity of 98dB can be achieved. For those who like it really powerful, the new EDX5000.1FD-E0 is recommended: This 1-channel amplifier of the Xtreme series is the most powerful product in its price segment with an output of up to 5000 watts RMS - so a clear price/performance recommendation! Edge Car Audio produces industry-leading pro audio speakers with extreme ESQL characteristics, capable of delivering loud, clear and dynamic sound.

The engineers ofEdge Car Audio have designed an expanded line of high-performance subwoofers that plunge into the deepest depths imaginable. Music in the car should be for the enjoyment of the many, not just the few! Through careful design offers Edge Car Audioa comprehensive range of amplifiers affordable for all budgets; from entry-level installations to the latest ultra-class D full-range competition amplifiers and high-performance subwoofers.

At Masori, you'll find Edge Car Audio's Street, Extreme, Competition and Unlimited series of speakers and amplifiers. Our Highlights of which are the following: