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Vibe Audio

VIBE Audio - Award-winning products, innovative design

For almost three decades, the British manufacturer VIBE Audio has stood for award-winning products with innovative design. Since the company was founded in 1993, VIBE Audio has become the UK's leading brand in the car audio sector. VIBE Audio owes much of its popularity to its BlackDeath speaker and amplifier series. VIBE Audio's full range also includes the POWERBOX series, the Optisound Range, and the SLICK and CVEN series. The portfolio is rounded off by accessory products such as Critical Link cables as well as terminal adapters.

POWERBOX Series - compact yet powerful

The powerful amplifiers of the POWERBOX line impress with ultra-compact dimensions, ensuring simple and trouble-free installation in any vehicle. One highlight of this product series, for example, is the POWERBOX400.1M-V7a small but extremely powerful class D microamplifier with a total peak power of 800 watts! Also the 4-channel amplifier POWERBOX100.4M-V0 delivers - despite its space-saving housing - an unbelievably high performance. At 120 watts per channel combined with high efficiency, the amplifier forms the ultimate solution for applications with high power requirements.

Unique sound experiences with the BlackDeath series

The 6" bass-midrange driver BlackDeath BDPRO 6M-V9 from VIBE Audio focuses on an excellent reproduction of the mid frequencies. Thanks to the high sensitivity as well as a low moving mass of the semi-pressed paper cone, a monstrous reproduction is guaranteed. The BlackHole Dustcap of the BDPRO 6M-V9 provides an increase of the effective cone area, so that a higher sound pressure and thus a fully convincing sound volume is generated.

Front system set incl. tweeters, woofers and crossovers

The newly released loudspeaker set VIBE Audio SLICK 6SQC-V9consisting of two 25 mm tweeters, two 165 mm woofers and two crossovers, is the perfect sound and performance upgrade to the popular SLICK 6C-V7. To exploit the maximum potential of the 6.5" front system set, the SLICK 6SQC-V9 can be operated either on the radio or on a 2 to 4 channel amplifier.

VIBE Audio stands for award-winning products and innovative product design from the UK's number one car audio brand.

VIBE Audio was founded in 1993 and has since been dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative car audio.

Vibe Audio has achieved a high degree of fame with the Blackdeath speaker and amplifier series. You can find the complete series in our portfolio! This series is rounded off by the high-end speakers and amplifiers of the new CVEN series.

The Powerbox products include powerful amplifiers with smallest dimensions.

The Optisound Range is designed for easy plug & play installation in the existing speaker openings and therefore available for a wide variety of vehicles.

The Slick Series houses entry level speakers for the world of carhifi at very good prices and maximum sound gain.

The Critical Link cables and terminal adapters complete the accessories portfolio.

Our Highlights from Vibe Audio:

  • Vibe Slick 6C-V7 - The top selling 6.5" speaker system offers more than you would expect from this price range!
  • Vibe Critical Link CLDIPC -V7 - 50mm² TO 2X50mm² Copper Terminal Adapter
  • Vibe POWERBOX400.1M-V7 - 400 Watt RMS Compact Mono Amplifier
  • Vibe Blackdeathm21K-V6 - 10000 Watt RMS Monster Monoblock Amplifier at an unbeatable price!
  • Vibe Blackdeath BDPRO 6M-V9 - 6.5" Pro Audio woofer with high power handling and huge ferrite magnet
  • Vibe Blackdeath BD 15 SPL-V2 - 15" subwoofer with incredible dynamics