Pride Audio- Handmade subwoofers, amplifiers and speakers

Russian manufacturer Pride Audio is dedicated to the production of handmade subwoofers, amplifiers and speakers. Founded in 2013, the main focus of product development is, on the one hand, high reliability and productivity, and on the other hand, a balance of individual components. Pride Audio aims to constantly evolve and systematically improve its products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

To the limit of what is physically feasible - and beyond

Pride Audio is not afraid to push the limits of what is physically possible, as evidenced by the Sv.3 series, the big brother of the Tv.3 series, so to speak. The subwoofer Sv.3 18 is characterized by a power handling of 4000 watts RMS and a 4" voice coil. Particularly noteworthy, however, is the oversized and completely new developed ferrite magnet system, which has a diameter of an incredible 256 mm. In addition, Pride Audio's Sv.3 18 has a basket that is flattened on four sides, which makes it possible to mount multiple subwoofers close together.

Loud Carhifi Experience with the Pride Uni

For a loud Carhifi experience provides the Pride Unia 1-channel power amplifier with a maximum output of 1200 watts RMS. The sensitivity of the input level can be controlled via a remote control. If the threshold of permissible distortion is exceeded, this is indicated via an integrated LED lamp.

High level, perfect sound

If you are looking for the perfect combination of level and the best possible sound characteristics, you will find what you are looking for with the HyperTone Plus Horn Tweeter from the brand Pride Audio. The neodymium-driven tweeter is a perfect match for 2- or 3-way systems.

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Pride Audio is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers for loud carhifi.
The subwoofers are assembled by hand in Kazan, Russia.
Pride Audio's Class-D and Class A/B amplifiers are indispensable for all top-level audio system components with high level requirements. The basis for the products is the high reliability, productivity and balance of the components.

The mission of Pride Audio

Pride Audio was founded in 2013 by enthusiastic company founders. The owners were driven by a vision of a company with authentic products. Unconcerned about the brand name and history, the company step by step gained experience and knowledge that could not be obtained elsewhere. Today, with pride, Pride Audio can claim to be pioneers in the mass production of TOP-class goods associated with SPL in the car audio industry in Russia.

The history of Pride Audio from Russia

Serial production of Pride Audio has started in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, which was related to some economic and geographical factors that were important in decision-making. All this ended with the registration of the official company and brand name Pride Audio in 2014 on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan, in the capital-Kazan. The main goal of the company in the past, present and future will be the production of high-quality products. It is precisely Pride's service that distinguishes Pride from other brands. If an ordinary customer bought a typical Asian product with various defects, it meant that if the device broke down, the owner would have all the problems with repairing the defective parts.... It's different with Pride!


Nowadays Pride has combined a variety of exclusive parts, shapes and technical developments within the products. The company has significantly expanded the scope of action. The portfolio now includes high-quality amplifiers, various cables, TOP-level accessories, PRO AUDIO and much more, made according to the authentic design of the company.
Pride means pride - And this is embodied in the team of Pride, which have a common interest, moving inexorably in the direction of progress.
Pride's goal - To develop systematically, to make each product better and to enable customers to be fully satisfied with all products.