6.5" (16,5cm) front system sets

All about 6.5 inch speaker sets

6.5 Loudspeaker Sets describe the size of the bass-midrange driver inside them with a diameter of 6.5 inches, which is the equivalent of 16.5 cm. The term 6.5 fronsystem set is sometimes used colloquially, but should not be confused with other terms from the audio world, such as a 5.1 surround systemshould not be lumped together with other terms from the audio world. While the 5.1 surround system describes the channels, the 6.5 inch Fronsystem Set is about the outer diameter of the components, in this case the woofer. The 6.5 inch front system set is the common size, which are also available as 2-way, 3-way set with and without crossovers. For the most part, the 6.5 inch speaker set, the standard in the usual motor vehicles. Renowned manufacturers such as JL Audio, Vibe Audio and Blam provide high-quality models. For example, Blam presents a 6.5 inch speaker set, consisting of:
  • two woofers 6.5"
  • two 20 mm soft dome tweeters
  • two extra crossovers
  • and high pass 6dB filtering
  • This is a "high-sensitivity" 16.5 cm front system set in the two-way version. The technical details are quite interesting and typical for this design:
  • the maximum power is 120 W
  • the nominal power 60 W
  • the frequency range is 65 Hz to 31 kHz
  • the sensitivity is specified at 93.5 dB
  • impedance 2 Ohm
  • You might also want to take a look at our other top sellers directly. We recommend you the B2 Audio "RAGE 61 and the Vibe Audio "SLICK 6SQC-V9".

    Are 2-way or 3-way speaker sets better?

    Buying the right speakers is not always easy. So which set is better, the 2-way or rather the 3-way speaker set? The difference is the number of drivers. The frequency range for 3-way speaker sets is determined by high, mid and woofers transmitted, while two-way speakers contain only a tweeter and bass-midrange, which must also reproduce bass. The 2-way speakers are not very complex to install. Logically, 2-way sets have fewer speakers, so low tones can not always be transmitted intensively. Therefore, they should definitely be supported with a subwoofer. According to experts, it depends not only on the number of diaphragms, but equally on the interaction of the diaphragms and enclosure. Many people find the sound of 2-way sets more pleasant, because only two frequency ranges are active and ensure that the sound is more harmonious. In 2-way speaker sets covers the Tweeter covers the high frequency range, the mid-bass driver is responsible for the low frequencies and provides the unsurpassed sound. The front systems generally consist of two tweeters each, crossovers (if it is a so-called passive speaker set), woofers and midrange speaker. With 3-way sets, on the other hand, you get a pair of tweeters, midrange drivers and woofers. Optionally with crossover or without. These sets are often used in very complex installations to achieve maximum sound performance in the car.

    What to consider when buying?

    As already mentioned, the 6.5 speaker set is the most common. The diameter of the speakers is basically crucial, because the components must be able to be installed in the original installation positions, with little or only slight adjustments, in order to maintain the interior appearance of the vehicle.

    Power and excellent sound with the recommended 6.5 front system set

    The Ground Zero Set contains, for example, the 3 typical speaker pairs plus crossovers. Worth mentioning is the cast aluminum midrange driver and the neodymium drives in all chassis. The special aluminum cones are not only extremely stable, but also score with low weight. The fabric neodymium tweeter, equipped with a coupling volume, has a diameter of 28mm The choice is large in this area. Something very special is also the Sky High Car Audio Set which is especially popular in America. The 3-way speaker set plus crossovers convinces with the highest quality materials at an ingenious price / performance ratio. The set is perfect for anyone who wants something special that their colleague does not have. The tones produced by the titanium tweeter are clear and crisp, while the mid-bass driver scores with an impressive low end. The exceedingly high sound pressure level should not go unmentioned. The examples serve to illustrate the different sets and manufacturer materials. You can not install every set in every car, the size must match.

    6.5 Front system sets - Our pro tip:

    One of the most popular sets is Slick 6C-V7. The in itself quite small component tweeter scores with high-quality components that provide power and "assertiveness". The magazine Car & Hifi also recommends this model.

    Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

    6.5 speaker sets are currently available for purchase from masori from the following manufacturers: Andrian Audio, Audio System, B2 Audio, BlamCerwin Vega, DD Audio, DLS, Ground Zero, Hifonics, Kicker, Morel, Musway, Rockford Fosgate, Scanspeak and STEG.


    The selection is considerable in the 6.5 inch / 16.5cm car speaker set category. With the 6.5 front system set you are well served, because the music enjoyment is incredible compared to the factory system The standard / standard size of 16.5cm is thereby advantageous for easy installation.