JL Audio Stealthbox für Smart

JL Audio Stealth Box for Smart

Smart Stealthbox - The space-saving bass solution

To enjoy optimal sound with deep bass in the Smart, a large bass box is not required. A Stealthbox adapted to the interior provides the desired sound experience. The top seller in this category, by the way: JL Audio SB-SMRT-4-2/8W3V3. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brand, we recommend you to have a look at JL Audio.

Integrative space miracle with good bass output

The Smart Stealthbox consists of a high-performance subwoofer in a sealed enclosure. The speaker box was developed for space-saving installation below the dashboard and offers sound lovers a impressive sound experience when listening to music.

For whom is a Stealthbox recommended?

The subwoofer box was developed for the Smart Fortwo The Stealthbox is recommended for anyone who wants to equip his Smart with a bass-heavy sound. Since the space in this car is limited, the installation of a large bass box is not necessary. The stealth box offers a powerful sound experience and finds space under the dashboard on the passenger side.

What are the highlights of a Smart Stealthbox?

In addition to the space-saving features, the woofer can handle up to 250 watts. For first-class acoustics, great importance was attached to the direction of radiation during the design. In addition, the fabric cover of the speaker chassis creates a high-quality original appearance, which gives the impression of standard equipment.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Smart Stealthboxes from the following manufacturers are currently available from Masori: JL Audio


The Smart Stealthbox is a small subwoofer with a big impact. The performance of the woofer can boast with considerable 250 watts be respectable. In addition, the standard-oriented design of the housing with a color-matched fabric cover is convincing. For those who attach great importance to a strong bass reproduction, but do not want to install bulky bass speakers, the Stealthbox is an interesting option.