SP Audio

The speakers of the Italian manufacturer SP Audio you will find exclusively with us, as a German distributor.

The speakers are designed for the highest sound pressure levels to be used in the most demanding level applications.

The speakers are characterized by an extremely high power handling and an enormous efficiency to achieve maximum values in dB Drag, or SQPL extensions.

The unique and polarizing design underlines the potency of the products, with which one can guess at first glance, which are installed components brimming with power.

In our portfolio you will find the famous horn tweeters, the famous Midrange Extreme Neo Series woofers, as well as the most brute subwoofers of the C- to CXXX-Series!

The absolute price / performance winner in SPAUDIO product segment, is the CC series (SP-12CC and SP-15CC) in the subwoofers, but also the MM series of woofers. (SP-6MM)