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8" (20cm) front system sets

L200P Power




Ground Zero


200 RS



REF 8 - 2WAY

B2 Audio


REF 8 - 3 WAY

B2 Audio



Audio System



Ground Zero


Powerful sound characteristics with 8" front system sets

Multi-channel sound systems are essential for demanding high-end sound applications. Our front system sets provide a precise sound experience based on bass-oriented audio reproduction. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: B2 Audio REF 8 - 2WAY, Ground Zero COMPETITION GZCC 200.2SQL, Blam L200P POWER. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: B2 Audio, Ground Zero, Blam.

Acoustic treat for the ears

These complete sets are the largest front systems, that we offer in our range. The level-proof and distortion-free speaker systems are available as active or passive variants. With a diameter of 20 cm, the mid-bass drivers powerful bass levels and are designed for car trims with large speaker openings.

When does a front system set make sense?

Putting together a sound system with individual speakers is quite time-consuming for beginners. In this case, a complete fronsystem makes sense and can help in the selection of a decision-making aid decision. In addition, the individual loudspeaker within the set are perfectly matched to each other.

2-way or 3-way system which is better?

Basically, both variants are recommendable and cover a wide frequency spectrum covered. The bass-midrange drivers of the 2-way systems are able to reproduce the bass-heavy parts intensively, but can not match the performance of a subwoofer subwoofer. For this reason, a 3-way system with additional woofers is the better choice for bass-oriented music listeners.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, our range at Masori includes 20 cm front system sets from the following manufacturers: Audio System, B2 Audio, Blam, Ground Zero, Morel


The front system sets with 8-inch woofer convince with strong sound performance, high efficiency and sophisticated material properties. Due to the installation-friendly dimensions results in a smooth installation in most vehicles.